Some portrait jobs take me to Bridgeport. There are several law firms for whom I shoot there. High above the street this conference room has a beautiful view of the harbor and Long Island Sound. This day was brilliantly sunny and the light glared off the water into the room. The closed blinds only knocked it down halfway. As it often happens, I meet the nicest people when photographing them on jobs. When I was done, I did this picture. A lot of the gear doesn’t show. The octagonal light box is less than a year old. The flash powerpacks and heads are from 1986. I bought the red trunk (and its twin) around 1982. Minolta stopped making light meters and flash meters in 2006. I want mine to last a while longer. Plenty of foam padding pays off with equipment longevity. One of these days I’ll bring in a second camera and tripod to record the whole setup. After this shot, I packed up and headed back the the studio for a late lunch.

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