Eagle Search Along CT River

Three of us trekked from near Glastonbury center down to the Connecticut River searching for a bald eagle’s nest we had been told about. Mike Keiser (middle), Jesse Billard (right), and I left our cars and walked to the area we were told about. At this time of year nests are easy to spot. Mike said they’re generally 6 feet across of so. There was plenty of open water for them to hunt. Mike also told us mid- to late afternoon is when they become more active catching fish. We split up. Mike headed north along the river, Jesse and I went south. Alas, we struck out on our first go-round. No nests, no eagles. We’re going to check other sources and go again until we come back with the actual photographs. Stay tuned!


Somewhere along the Connecticut River on a quest to find the nest.

© Copyright 2016 Peter Billard Photographer