Food – One of Life’s Three Greatest Pleasures?

Two recent family meals. One in the morning, the other in the evening. Jesse made one, Nancy made the other. I took photos. Exquisite taste. Beautiful connection among people to share a meal together. Another aspect that makes mealtimes so enjoyable is the contribution of conversation. About the day, something read in the paper, seen on the Internet, encountered out and around. Ideas and thoughts have a place to flourish. Reminiscing as well as looking forward to what’s yet to come. An opportunity to be thankful for this human life bestowed upon us.


I forgot the ketchup…


Jesse made mozarella stuffed chicken breasts wrapped with proscuitto, layered asparagus atop a layer of green beans, tiny potatoes, and plenty of roasted garlic. Bowls of butternut squash soup accompanied all of it.

© Copyright 2016 Peter Billard Photographer