'Getting paid is half the work, so skip the charade and don’t go berserk.'

March Glastonbury Chamber Creatives Group meeting - Weds Feb. 5.

Snow cancellation as in Feb. is not an option!

This meeting will talk about the challenges, difficulties, and solutions of getting paid in a timely fashion. It’s something we all must deal with. Although the subject of money and payment can be intimidating to bring up and frustrating to deal with, there are proven ways to make it go easier. Come and share your techniques, concerns, problems, and stories and come away with a better sense of how to handle the important business step of getting paid for your work.

Optional: bring with you a real life example of innovation or creativity that’s surprising or unexpected.  From any field of work or human endeavor. Something the rest of us may not have noticed.

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Weds. March. 5, 2014

Pond House Grille

2935 Main Street


5:00 to 6:30 p.m.

See you there!


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