Gov. John Rowland, 1998

I had a job in 1998 to photograph an attorney general candidate together with Gov. John Rowland at his office. (That person has been cropped out here.) It’s a form of endorsement to help the underdog candidate to unseat their challenger. There’ve been a few such jobs over the years. This was a time before Rowland’s troubles became known. A personal anecdote–on the afternoon of 9/11 as I drove home, I was listening to the radio about the tragic events of the day. Gov. Rowland spoke to the people of CT and was commanding in his message of reassurance. It was a good showing of his strength, and I was impressed at the time. Today, it was unfortunate to see the headline in the paper about his federal indictment on conspiracy and election campaign charges. Character, trust, integrity, deceit, and strength–human behavior can be very perplexing.


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