Sprouts For Spring

We grew alfalfa sprouts at home. Did it over the last 4-5 days. Soak, rinse, keep warm, keep in the dark, rinse more, and finally place them in the sun 3 hours or so to turn green. We actually over did it. Used too much seed so we ended up with enough for 40 people. Since I was the one so gung-ho on the idea, I’ve been eating them like a horse eats hay. They’re cunchier than store ones and very water filled. Good for salad, sandwiches, Easter bunnies, photographers, and so forth. It’s kind of a thrill to grow your own food. We are having a garden outside, but it takes weeks and months to yield edible food. This was our quickie fix to grow food for the table. Yum!


Large wide-mouth canning jar with fiberglas screen held on by the ring. Easy rinsing & draining.


Sprout forest close up during their couple of hours in the direct sun.

© Copyright 2016 Peter Billard Photographer