Essential Info

• Exemplary portraits for business and professional clients
• Superior results than ordinarily available elsewhere
• Studio and location shooting based on your convenience and preference
• Support services assure you get the most out of your portrait


The eye always at work.

Considerations before shooting: 

• Hair: is it the way you like? Are you planning to visit the hair salon soon? If so, work it out to your satisfaction first, then come to me.

• Audience and use: how do you plan to use your portrait? Who's going to see it? Where will it appear? How do you want to be perceived?

• Style or flavor: casual, professional, relaxed, confident, businesslike, and so forth.

• Does it have to match corporate portrait guidelines?

• Existing photo: do you have particular likes or dislikes with your current portrait?

• Outfit: choose what you wear based on the above items, plus your personal preferences. If you have a favorite outfit you think you look really sharp in, then consider wearing that. If you think you look good, you do look good.

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